3514 FIRE ALL Dual-Fuel Burners are nozzle mix, air light burners for gas, light oil, or heavy oil. Capable of efficient operation throughout a wide temperature range, these burners are equally at home on low temperature ovens and high temperature forge and melting furnaces.

Ruggedly built for high fire operations, maintenance-free operation, 3514 Burners also provide for quick change of fuels without disturbing process operations. Sealed mountings help maintain furnace pressure, controlled atmosphere, and closer air/fuel ratio control–all contributing to better product quality. Fire All Burners have been used for years on all types of furnaces with great success.


Oil: Oil viscosity at the burners must not exceed 70 to 90 seconds redwood. Minimum atomizing air pressure at the burners is 21”wg for light oil, 40”wg for heavy oil.

Gas: Atomizing air (6”wgminimum) should be left on to protect the atomizer. Maximum required natural gas pressure at the burner for stoichiometric ratiois about 25%of the combustion air pressure.

Air/Fuel Ratio: 3514 Dual-Fuel Burners are stable with at least 100% xces air. They also can operate with xces fuel without root formation, but additional air for complete combustion must be available in the furnacenear the burner.
Turndown : FireAll Burners can be turned down to atomizing air only (with fuel to match) except when burning residual oils in a cold, tight furnace. For prolonged operation on atomizing air only, specify an alloy burner nose if furnace temperature is above 850oC.
Hot Air: 3514 Burners are designed for use with ambient air. They are suitable for some preheated air applications where the burner can with stand upto 350oC.


Flame safeguards are recommended for all installations. An ultraviolet cell will monitor pilot or main flame. i lots must be interrupted after a preset ignition period (usually 15 seconds) so flame detectors monitor main flame only. Purge UV with cleaning air to keep oil fog off the lens.


Burner blocks are cast refractory rated for 1500oC furnace temperature. They are replaceable in the field, except for the 3514-10A whose mounting must be returned to the factory for burner block replacement (or purchase a spare mounting plate with a burner block cast onto it). Burner blocks should be supported securely in the furnace wall by a layer of castable refractory (not insulation) at least 9″ thick all around the burner block, extending back to the furnace shell and securely anchored to it. For furnace walls thicker than the length of the burner block, the tunnel beyond the end of the burner block should be flared 30-45oC from the center line, starting at the OD of the burner block.

Jacketed Burner Blocks: 3514 Burners are available with support jackets around the burner block for applications where the burner block is not supported by furnace refractory. Jackets are available in three different metals and have maximum temperature ratings for each. They must be protected with sufficient insulation so as not to exceed rated temperature. Maximum temperature rating for jacket metals depends upon frequency of heat-up/cool-down cycles. As an example, batch annealing furnaces that are heated and cooled every day should use the “intermittent exposure” ratings. Continuous annealing furnaces that remain at the same temperature for months at a time, can use the higher “continuous” rating.

Designation JacketMetal Continuousmax.temp. Intermittent exposure
3514- A1 Carbon Steel 350oC 350oC
3514- A2 304 stainless 850oC 800oC
3514- A3 309 stainless 1000oC 950oC

Total Air Capacities (Including Main and Atomizing Air)
Burner Designation 28” wg air pressure drop across the burner 38”wg air pressure drop across the burner Approx. flame lengthswith 27” wg main air (in open furnace) in millimeter
Air scfh Air scfh Heavy Oil Lph Natural Gas scfh Air scfh Light Oil Lph Heavy Oil Lph Gas scfh Oil - lph
3514-6A 17900 52 48 1790 21900 64 60 2190 1216 – 1520
3514-7A 28400 84 76 2840 34800 104 92 3480 1520 – 1824
3514-8AA 48900 144 132 4890 60000 176 160 6000 2432 – 2736
3514-9AA 81500 240 216 8150 100000 296 268 10000 2736 – 3648
3514-10A 165000 488 440 16500 202000 600 540 20200 4560 – 5472
3514-11A 247000 732 660 24700 303000 896 808 20200 6080